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Get Help Finding a Summer Job

The Department of Labor has started a new initiative, called “Summer Jobs +” to help youth find summer jobs.

The current recession has not only affected full-time workers, but students and youth who depend on part-time and summer jobs to help support their family. According to the Department of Labor, “48.8 percent of youth between the ages of 16-24 were employed in July, the month when youth employment usually peaks. This is significantly lower than the 59.2 percent of youth who were employed five years ago and 63.3 percent of youth who were employed 10 years ago.”

If you’re looking for a summer job, you can sign up for email updates about Summer Jobs + opportunities and can also search for current job opportunities in your area.

Businesses can take the “Pathways Pledge,” which offers three options for helping connect low-income youth with employment. Businesses can help young people acquire life skills and work skills or participate through the “learn and earn” option, which lets employees earn money for learning on the job skills.

Learn more about Summer Jobs + and find opportunities near you.