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how do i check a doctors work history.

There isn’t a single location where you can check a doctor’s entire work history. However, with a little time and these tools, you can get a better picture to make informed choices about your medical care.

You can compare medical training, clinical specialties, and more for doctors who accept Medicare using Medicare’s Physician Compare Tool

You can also find information about training, specialties, and board certification for many doctors licensed in the U.S. with the American Medical Association Doctor Finder.

State medical boards are a good source of information about doctors. In some states, information is available from the Administrators in Medicine, a group of state medical board directors.  

The American Board of Medical Specialties can tell you if a doctor is board certified. While board certification is a good measure of a doctor’s knowledge, it is possible to receive quality care from doctors who are not board certified.

In addition, feel free to ask the doctor directly about their work history, for example, the number of times they have successfully performed a procedure.