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Space Shuttle Discovery’s Last Flight

Video description

Yesterday, the Space Shuttle Discovery made its last flight around Washington, D.C. before heading to its permanent home at the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia.

Video transcript

CAROLINE, 4TH GRADE STUDENT: I’m here to see the space shuttle fly in.

INTERVIEWER: What is your favorite planet?


INTERVIEWER: Oh, why Saturn?

CAROLINE: Because I like to study its rings.

INTERVIEWER: When the shuttle gets to the museum do you plan to go visit?


[Background noise of people talking and cameras going off as the shuttle flies by.]

INTERVIEWER: Where did you see the shuttle in the sky?

CAROLINE: I saw it there, and there and there and there.

INTERVIEWER: What did you think? Was it big? Was it small?

CAROLINE: It was huge!

INTERVIEW: Can you believe it’s been up in space so many times?


NARRATOR: To learn more about the space shuttle, go to and the Air and Space Museum’s page

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