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How Do You Apply for a Government Grant or Loan?

Video description

We challenged you to create videos that answer common questions about government benefits and services. Here’s one of the winners of the contest. View all of the winning videos, submissions and contest rules at

Video transcript

Actor 1: So you’re an individual and you’re looking for a government grant or loan. You might be wondering where do I look? How do I start? Who do I ask? Well there’s a few websites you might want to check out.

Actor 2: is the official government benefits website, with more than 400 federal and 600 state programs. All you have to do is fill out a confidential form and you’ll receive a list of programs that may work for you.

Actor 3: You dream of starting a small business. is the Small Business Administration, designed to help you the entrepreneur start or grow your small business.

Actor 4: is another helpful source for finding the loan you need, ranging from agriculture to business, disaster relief, education, housing, or even military veteran.

Actor 5: If you have a disability, is a resource for individuals seeking more information and further opportunities. If you happen to be working with an organization, check out for all your loan needs.

Actor 1:Lastly, the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is a huge, valuable directory that lists over 15 types of grants and loans among their 1500 total programs.

It’s that easy!