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I plan to travel to the Dominica commonwealth in the Caribbean next month. What information do I need to travel there? I have a current passport.

In addition to a valid passport, you may be asked to present a return or onward ticket when entering Dominica. Find more details about entry and exit requirements when traveling to Dominica.

For international travel, U.S. citizens need to have a passport or other valid documents in order to enter the United States. Caribbean cruises that begin and end in the U.S., called closed loop cruises, do not require you to travel with a passport. However, if you need to leave the cruise ship because of an emergency and you do not have a valid passport, you may have trouble entering or staying in a foreign country. You may also have difficulty re-entering the United States by air because many airlines require a valid passport in order to board the aircraft. Because of these reason, it is strongly recommended that you always travel abroad with a valid passport.

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