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2011 was a year that saw the world suffer tragedies like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, tornados ravaging the South and Hurricane Irene hammering the east coast.

But we were also captivated by other events throughout the year like the birth of several new animals at the National Zoo, the launch of the last space shuttle and the troops coming home from Iraq.

We’ve shared information about a lot of different subjects over the course of the year. Here’s a look at what was most popular on our blog and on in 2011. 

Popular Blog Posts:

  1. Picasso or Panda Photo
  2. The Last Shuttle Launch Photo
  3. Space Shuttle Engines Photo
  4. Red Blood Cell Image
  5. Solar Activity Video
  6. Now Hiring: Astronauts
  7. Melting Arctic Ice Image
  8. Women’s Suffrage Historical Photos
  9. 2010’s Most Popular Baby Names
  10. Travel Warning After the Bin Laden Attack

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  1. Home Page
  2. Government Jobs
  3. RSS Feeds
  4. Government Sales and Auctions
  5. Government Benefits, Grants, and Financial Aid
  6. A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies
  7. Unclaimed Money from the Government
  8. State and Local Surplus Property
  9. Contact Elected Officials
  10. Government Information by Topic

Popular Links on

  1. Apply for Government Jobs
  2. Federal Government Surplus and Seized Property Sales
  3. Government Benefits Finder
  4. States’ Unclaimed Property
  5. Contact Your Senator
  7. House of Representatives
  8. Tax Refund Status
  9. Investors Claims Funds
  10. FDIC Unclaimed Funds

Popular Search Topics:

  1. National Parks 
  2. Hurricanes 
  3. Jobs and Employment 
  4. Weather 
  5. Forms 
  6. Taxes and IRS 
  7. Maps 
  8. Energy 
  9. Acts and Laws 
  10. Fossil Fuels

Every month we update with the most popular pages, links, and search terms. See what was most popular in December 2011.