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Asked by Anonymous

stamp increase- does this mean if we use an OLD forever stamp we must add a .1cent stamp also? And can old unused "h" stamps still be used?

The cost of Forever stamps will increase by 1 cent on January 22, 2012. This means sending a First-Class letter will soon cost 45 cents. 

Once purchased, Forever stamps can always be used to send a one ounce, First-Class letter, no matter how many times the price of the stamp changes in the future. You do not need to add an additional 1 cent stamp.

Other First-Class mail prices are also increasing. Learn more about the Postal Service rate changes.

The H stamp was issued in 1998 and is worth 33 cents. The H rate make-up stamp is worth 1 cent. These stamps can still be used as postage, both domestically and internationally. Find the value of nondenominated stamps.