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Take Steps To Protect the Planet On America Recycles Day

Every day people in America leave behind waste. Households create ordinary garbage while industrial and manufacturing processes create solid and hazardous waste. Today is America Recycles Day, which brings attention to the many ways you can help our environment. Simple recycling tasks at home include:

  • Reduce food waste by using up the food you already have in the house instead of buying more.
  • Reuse items around the house such as rags and wipes, empty jars and mugs, party decorations and gift wrap.
  • Buy products in concentrate, bulk, and in refillable containers. They reduce packaging waste and can save you money.

Your kids can help the environment by recycling at school too. Many schools have separate bins for recyclable materials. Remind your kids that it’s easy to recycle even when they’re away from home:

  • Schools reuse text books to save money and reduce waste. Covering your kids’ textbooks with a cut-up grocery bag helps reduce waste and keeps your books in good condition.
  • If your child buys lunch, remind them to take and use only what they need: one napkin, one ketchup packet, one salt packet, one pepper packet, one set of flatware. Remind them to recycle their cans and bottles when they’re done.

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