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Four Simple Halloween Safety Tips

Use these tips to avoid safety scares this Halloween.

Pick visible costumes

Pick brightly colored costumes. It will be easier for cars to see you on dark roads. If you want to wear dark colors, stick some reflective tape on the costumes to make them more noticeable. You can also put reflective tape on candy bags and or carry a flashlight.

Use face paint instead of a mask

Masks can obstruct vision, so face paint could be a better option. If you decide to use face paint, follow the directions on the packaging closely. You may want to test the face paint a few days before Halloween to make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin. And make sure to avoid eyes when you apply it.

Don’t snack while trick-or-treating

Wait until you get home so that you have a chance to inspect your candy. Toss out any candy with opened or damaged wrappers and homemade treats, unless you know the giver personally.

Find an alternative to candles

Consider using a glow stick or battery-powered lights instead of candles in luminaries or jack-o-lanterns, especially around little kids who could get burned or drapery that could catch fire. Make sure your Halloween costumes are flame resistant in case a cape or other part of the costume comes near an open flame.

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